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Photography Training


I deliver beginner, intermediate and street photography training in and around Manchester city centre.  Why the city centre? Because it is a brilliant backdrop to learn the skills; there is always something going on and you see something different every time you turn a corner.


On this one day, active course, you will learn the fundamentals of using your camera and will move off shooting in Automatic mode and on to Manual, Aperture Priority and Shutter Priority (Speed).  After an introduction to the basic concepts, the day is spent out practicing with support from me as your tutor.  It is the best way to learn: by doing.  And the other key part of it is keeping the fun in it.  Your camera is an extension of you and when you are enjoying yourself, it shows in the images that you take. 


Price?  £90 for one day in a maximum group size of 6 attendees.  The day ends with an on-screen group review - very relaxed and educational


On this one day, very active course, you will take the initial learning that you have absorbed and put it into practice by completing a series of briefs - short projects; it is the best way to improve, setting yourself or being set challenges that you complete.  During the day, as your tutor, I will show you techniques and approaches that will enhance the images that you produce.




Price? £90 for one day in a maximum group size of 6 attendees.  The day ends with an on-screen group review - good fun and inspiring




I love teaching this and getting people to interact with their environment.


On this one day course, you will take your photographic skills to a different place and start to feel part of the story that you are capturing.  We will look at and practice, different styles of street photography including consensual portrait work; engaging with people and asking permission to take their portraits.


Price?  £120 for one day in a maximum group of 4 attendees.  On-screen group review at the end of the day.


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