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Anonymous Life, Anonymous Wife

An eighteen month period and the passage for a young woman from girl to mother.  Is that what you see?  Is there more to be said as the Anonymous She commits to a partner, shows her love, marries and begins the continuing cycle.


We can put our interpretation on the images and we can be right, wrong or at some halfway place.


This exhibiton, Anonymous Wife, Anonymous Life is from a series of events in 2012 and 2013.  Each produced a number of images where the identity of the subject was concealed by the camera and the moment.


The work has not been physically exhibited and it is the intention to print each image at 3m by 2m.  The images are accompanied by dialogue boxes where the artist and the subject talk about what they see in the displayed images and their memories of those moments


If you would like to discuss hosting this exhibition, please contact me.


And if you follow through to the end - yes, you meet my subject, the beautiful Cherice :-)



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