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If I have a perfect day in photography, it is going to be a wedding.  Helping a couple capture the start of their lifelong commitment and putting together the images that will become part of their joint family history for decades to come; perfect.


On this page are examples of the weddings that I have had the privilege to shoot and to introduce them, here is a link to a short video montage.  I hope that you enjoy it.





Karen and Paul   The Palm House, Liverpool

​​I must have known Karen for 15 years minimum, around Liverpool and in a former life, it seems.  She tells me that when the marriage was decided upon it was "well, of course, John will be the photographer".  What a lovely thing to hear.  Love it.

If you want a good fairytale about people knowing each other and then being apart and finding each other again after many years, get these two to tell you their story.  Proper romantic.

As for the wedding, it was a terrific day long party that two people happened to get married at.  Liverpudlians know the essence of a good party and this exceeded expectations.

We even had the 'will it stop raining' tension.  It did.

And two great people stood up in front of the many and vowed to be together for ever.

Anna and Matt    Elba, Italy


​​An overwhelming experience.  Four days on an Italian island with fabulous people, all determined to have the best time that they could possibly have.  


Anna, I have known you for, what, 12 years?  When you asked me to photograph your wedding I was more than delighted to accept.  This brilliant couple had planned a superb wedding eve party and wedding day but then had the sense and style to let 'Italian tempo' take over.  So what if the venue was laid out differently and the food was served an hour earlier than expected; we were all having an amazing time.  


The opening image in this gallery, a silhouette, should really be the last image but I want to make sure that you see it; I love it - it makes me choke up.


And as you look through these images, watch out for the maestro who baked the wedding cake, shot in his bakery and the speedboats; we will always have the speedboats.........

Daniella and Rolf    Bournemouth

A very different style of wedding; the bride wore denim and the groom wore a smile :-)


This was always going to be an interesting wedding with a Sicilian bride who was so chilled about the whole thing that she gave me the wrong time for the wedding service. Wedding photography 101: always turn up early for the key points of the day......


I think this wedding lived up to its promise; impromptu-ness, if that is a word. Ceremony very relaxed and a reception that wandered between the venue and the beach.  Great fun.

Angharad and David Meols Hall, Southport

​​This was a fabulous wedding with a truly fabulous couple.  The pre-wedding shoot gave us a chance to sort out what mood we wanted and the story that we wanted to tell and Angharad and David say we got there.  This was a 10.00 in the morning to 10.00 at night shoot but that is what the day deserved.  Just great fun seeing two families uniting through a special couple. 


The venue was an old tithebarn; tricky light as it was a December wedding.  Can't wait to shoot there again  :-)

Click on the images if you would like to see them in enlarged

Cherice and David  Manchester​​


Well, it started with a coach and pair and finished with 'Unconditional Love' as a first dance.  In between, there was a dress to be put on, a ceremony to be ministered and an awful lot of laughter.


What did I like about this wedding? Cherice and David are just made for each other, that's easy.  The thing that sticks in my mind is the age range that just fitted together so well; particularly the children​​.  The younger people all looked out for each other and were an integral part of the day.


Very lively day; since then I have also done a maternity and newborn shoot with C&D :-)

Fran and Simon Manchester​​

A great get together

Not a full wedding shoot but a request to bring a camera along to the day.  I loved doing it - great couple.

The added benefit was the venue, Manchester Art Gallery. Imagine marrying in a room surrounded by Lowrys.  So, different shooting as a guest and so a changed set of perspectives and just the lens that I was carrying.

It was a proper noisy wedding with a lot of banter and laughter in surroundings where most people speak in hushed tones.  None of that was to be had and when the music started - ceili dancing - it properly rocked.  I imagine that there will be people finding bruises for days to come. 

Caroline and Sam, Dublin​​


And here is something else a bit different.


I was asked to shoot 'evening after' party at a wedding that ran for a couple of days.  I was there for the whole thing and got my camera out on the day itself as well.


It was a wedding were if you weren't young and beautiful, you were slightly older and beautiful.


And if there are a people who know how to party, then it will be the Irish :-) 

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