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John Shinnick






I'm a Manchester based photographer and my principal interest is portrait, both formal and social-documentary.  My aim is to leave both subjects and observers with a memory of how a person is which, over time, mutates into how a person was.  The fundamental is to capture the story, whether that is in a single image or in a series and I show examples of series in the exhibition pages here.  


Portrait photography allows me to engage with people; hear their stories, add to understanding.  I have not had a permanent attachment with photography and I have experienced different strands of life that now inform my imaging.  And I have found great photographers to show me the way.  Good teachers show you the possibilities in a non-directional way and with a pile of humour.  But, underpinning it all - it's the engagement with people


My work breaks down into commercial; portrait, event, wedding and personal; documentary and portrait


A self portrait that is half a face? Makes sense to me.  The other half is in the images that I capture; the composition, the light, the stories.


Contact me to discuss a commission, collaborate or just for a chat at


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