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Lock 92

So, I have started the project, A Stone's Throw, with an aim to exhibit it around Spring 2016. Forty to fifty portraits with short explanations for the exhibition and four or five images per subject with 1,500 words about how they interact with Manchester, for the book. This is much more planned and structured than previous pieces of work and it feels pretty good. And it keeps on getting refined; something that was said to me about my exhibition - Bus Stop Stories - was "why didn't you record the people speaking and incorporate that into your work?" At the time, I had not considered it feasible because of the brief subject interactions, but it got me thinking.

So, with A Stone's Throw, I am adding sound clips and both the exhibition and the book will have sound clip references; you know, those little symbols that tell you to go to track 23 for audio. So now, I am wired for sound and capturing the words of my subjects - they know about it but soon lose the self consciousness of being recorded and it works. I am using an audio programme to edit the tracks and my next step is to research museum apps. I looked at those audio guides that you find in museums and galleries but they are expensive and I want people who take the book to be able to access the audio. So, it will be an app - they are out there and I know some app people :-)

Time to get back to planning... or shooting... or recording... or editing... or applying for Arts Council Funding.....

And Lock 92? My first subject has been a bargee, passing through the city on a regular basis. There's a story to why Lock 92 has that number you know.......

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