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The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Just every now and then, it is good to take a breath and look at what you are doing and more importantly, who supports what you do. There are some great people out there; the great trainers, the organisations like Redeye, the exhibition spaces such as the John Rylands Library.

The comrade-photographers; the Tedge, Neepster, Carole W, people who just give you the odd word of encouragement and advice and I will have left some out because you always should.

And there is Sarah who set me off on photography as a larger part of my life; shoved me out of the door on a course a few years ago.

Well, it took another step this month, when we worked together on a photo assignment - the fantastic Italian wedding of Anna and Matt. A big job and an assistant needed. Many were ready to step up and into the role but Sarah made it pretty evident that the role was hers. And she rocked it.

From covering the groom's arrival at the venue to gently easing people away from food and drink to have their photographs taken, she showed why she is a master with people.

And she took the best informal photograph of the whole day.



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