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Walking, talking, shooting

I haven't posted since March but then there has been too many things to do rather than write :-). The walking once a month in the Peak District is now pretty well automatically in the diary and with the constantly changing climate, there is always an atmospheric shot around the corner.

Going from a cold extreme to somewhere warmer, I was in Iraq in April, observing clearance of ISIS improvised mines; a scourge on the landscape but being removed by dedicated and skilled people.

A very short time ago, there were mines here. Now the sheep can graze.

A sometimes harsh, but often beautiful country.

The exhibition has been up and down; a three month hanging with 56,545 visitors and now in the process of giving the images to the subjects :-)

A great day at Silverstone for the Grand Prix

A super wedding where the best shot was probably of Sarah

Although, Fran, the bride, was pretty cool too

And of course, the continuing growth of grandson Bobby

Yes, a fairly busy few months :-)

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