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They say you can never go back

Travel is a big thing for me; it is at a core of why I get up in the mornings. To see new places, meet new people, experience different ways. But sometimes it is good to go back to places you have known.

I lived in Zambia in the 80's and it was formative in many ways. It taught me resilience, built my confidence and got me talking to people. After a 28 year break it was time to go back.

Lusaka, Livingstone, Victoria Falls, Siavonga on Lake Kariba - a good wander out. And then the best trip I have ever had to South Luangwa. One of the truly great national parks in the world.

I'll just let the images speak for themselves for a while.

And then there are the people.

And finally, I was last in Luangwa in 1986 and there was a great guide called Peter. I returned and staying at Mfuwe Lodge, I am introduced to my guide; that same Peter. I knew him straight away and had a picture of him in 1986 with me. You never forget great people, Zikomo Peter

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