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Va Shi Mpundu... and other things

This was the title given to me in April 1986 on the arrival of Robert and Anthony Shinnick; Mpundu - twins, Va Shi - father of. Well, the circle continues and I present Bobby Shinnick son to Rob and Claire. He has the opportunity to see the start of the 22nd Century; puts many things into perspective. Good luck, lad.

Other stuff?

I photographed a Bollywood star-to-be. He is from Manchester but is now based in Mumbai while he looks to make his breakthrough; Vish Handa, watch out for his name. I know him through his other life as a dentist but he is a man with a creative side and is following his passion. the Northern Quarter was the backdrop and there are some great corners and alleys in which to create images; guess what? Good luck, lad.

You may have seen on the Projects page here, images from the Red Ribbon Diaries shoot and this was a really fun shoot. They are hoping to get funding to tour the show. Good luck, lads :-)

And finally, a weekend on a narrow boat with Mark and Ruth. Ruth is one of my subjects in next year's book and exhibition. No luck needed; Wandering Duck narrow boat holidays - check them out. :-)

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