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Something old, something new

The old was taking down the exhibition at the John Rylands; up for 18 weeks and 48,300 visitors through the doors during that time. More important to me has been the feedback through the Visitors book and the great comments from the gallery staff; yesterday I had a tweet "I am going to miss the exhibition......" Well, enough said and thank you to all who supported and visited.

And for the new; yesterday, I was shooting a great young actress, Heather Kirkpatrick. She is a multi-channel talent, actress, dancer, coreographer, teacher, writer..... she slipped into the dicussion that she had been instrumental in writing the Foundation Degree course that she now facilitates and she's good fun to work with :-)

We had a mixed shoot; headshots, full length, period theme, grunge and I have a pile of images to filter and then talk through when we meet up. I love doing shoots like this. You get time to talk with a person. You build a rapport that lets you both work together to achieve a result. That's what it is about; building a rapport and producing images that achieve a result :-)

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