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Wildebeeste Migration combined with Splat a Rat

It's the closest things that I can compare Sunday to. Four hours at the Great Manchester Run shooting for Parkinson's UK. Trying to capture their 85 runners in a host of 40,000; that's spotting 1 in every 470, its capturing 0.2 of a % of the runners. And its not as if they were lining up and going past in an orderly queue. Oh no, sometimes there were gaps and then there were torrents!

Sometimes so close together that I was in fear of my life - but then I was on a traffic island on a pedestal in the middle of the road - but great fun.

I reckon I got about 60 of the Parkinson UK runners once I had tuned in to the colour and markings on their running shirts and even at the 6Km point at which I was positioned, they all seemed in good form and pushing towards the finish.

The briefing was good, the national Parkinson's event team were good and a bunch that I would be happy to shoot for again. Did I mention it was hot? :-)

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