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a country of queues

I suppose I could have used an image of a mosque for this blogpost; I have just had a long weekend in Istanbul. But the thing that captured the attention in the city was the Bosphorus, the channels, the boats and ships, the way in which the city's present and past is predicated on the water.

Or maybe an image of queues. That was one busy city. Tourists in abundance. Everywhere. Which really is a definition of queueing theory in itself. If you are in a queue, it is a longer queue because you are in it; if you are in a tourist city, it has more tourists because you are there. I understand that, but this was people manoeuvres on an epic scale.

So, we queued for very little and wandered the city, went over to the Asian side by jumping on a ferry without even asking where it was going; best way that - it takes decision out of the process. Got lost, got stranded, ate good food, ate bad food but had a good trip.

Oh, except maybe for Istanbul airport........

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