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Driving the cattle

I was out for a walk yesterday, looking at a location for some photography. Crossing some wasteland, I met Les. He used to live on the street that was long gone now and pointed out where the farriers had been and the grocers and where there had been cottages down the bottom; he had lived in the cottages. And he told me about the cattle coming off the rail head at Liverpool Street and being driven through the houses to the abattoir about where Granada Studios used to be. Nice fella and he was obliging enough to stand in as a sub for the client so that I could get a feel for the place.

Sixty people turned out to the sponsors' evening including four of the exhbition subjects and a pretty good time was had by all. Question: "why did you pick that bus stop going North?" Because I couldn't find the bus stop going to Alderley Edge - not sure buses even go there :-)

Best estimate for the number of people who will see the exhibition? 35-40,000 - just a great venue

And I lost a great friend this week. It comes to us all but is not a great day when it happens. Rest in Peace, Margarette

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