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Hanging. hanging. hung

14 months in the making and it is finally up and running. Bus Stop Stories, a solo photographic exhibition at the John Rylands Library, Manchester from now until 22 June. This is just terrific; in an exhbition scale of 1 to 10, where one is hanging a picture in your front window and ten is having the Guggenheim acquire your work, this is about a 7 - a full on, rigtheous 7. I was always hoping to achieve a 2.... once.

It took me and my curator, Danielle, 4 hours to hang; 30 images and 30 word panels and the gallery space opened half way through. We essentially became an installation - 'People Hanging Artwork'. The library staff seem to like the stuff, which is good as it is there for 4 months. I popped in there today to see how people are reacting to the images and it looks good. They are taking time to work their way round and reading all of the word panels. And I got to hear odd bits of positive comments. Great :-)

And a great photographer, Terry McNamara, came down and took some PR images for me. Payment was a John Rylands scone; the size of your head and concealing the European currant mountain.

The other photo thing has been preparing for a masterclass with Edmund Clark. Go on look him up.

I need to take an inanimate object image with me and speak for it. So, I have gathered around 30 images from the Bus Stop. A pile of images of detritus. Bus stop rubbish. Cans, newspapers, apple cores. Because they are detritus, I have accelerated the ageing of the printed images by soaking, baking, soaking, boiling, heat drying them and will present them tomorrow. I will tell you about it next week :-)

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