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That Brussels

My other life, or one of my other lives, took me this week to Brussels to talk to the EU Commissioners. A surreal day with a 4:00 start to catch a flight for a 10:30 meeting. I think we came away with a good result; a good result in Europe - sounds like football, doesn't it? It was an iphone photographic day. A good or bad thing? A good thing, I think; the camera is only a box for capturing light. So, that day was looking at things from a different perspective. Iphone cameras are very effective and there are people out there shooting with nothing else.

I spoke to the lady at the Movement Theatre and heard about her ideas for a first shoot. I like the sound of it and the location she has in mind will be excellent; post-industrial wasteland with a glittering modern city backdrop. Shooting in March; one day, whatever the weather is. I asked her why she thought we could work together: "don't take ths the wrong way but you come across as a bit bonkers and we think that is what we need..." Bonkers. Works for me.

Final catchup with my curator before we hang the exhibition on Monday. I told her I was going to have a visitor's feedback book and she suggested that I get one that I could tear the pages out of easily. "You'll get a proportion of 'VIVA ESPANA!s and people drawing willys. I suppose it is feedback but...." The voice of experience :-)

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