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That London

This week has been more of an 'other work' week, rather than a photography week. Having said that, there are always things to see and you find yourself subconsciously imaging scenes that you see through a camera lens. I was down in That London for a long day on Wednesday which coincided with the Underground strike. Not that big a problem really; no rain and it is a 20 minutes stroll from Euston down to Covent Garden where I was meeting some people. Walking in London puts the city into perspective; it really isn't THAT big and you see some great things. The people I am working with down there are great fun and super-intelligent; I just nod and smile.

I was back up on Thursday for the opening of Geoff Crossley's exhibition, My Father's House, at the Cornerhouse. A series of images that Geoff took of his father's empty house at the point it was being sold. On a number of them, he has overlaid old photographs of the family and it has worked so well. It is on for about a month so visit it if you can.

What else this week? Talking to people about a new strand to my 'other work', a bit of research and writing, talking to another photographer about some collaboration and this afternoon I am going to a talk on how to engage more effectively with galleries. Getting exhibited is not easy and I have my next exhibition ready to roll; but I need a pretty massive space - 16 images - 10ft by 8ft. bit of a challenge :-)

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