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Biggest thing this week was a product shoot for a fabulous textile gifts business, PatienceMay. They hand produce bags and bunting and small treasures like the owl here. The business is (so far) two people, based in Cheshire and sourcing beautiful fabrics that just shout "this is for you". This is a genuine cottage industry and you will find them at craft fairs around mid-Cheshire this Spring and Summer. The website will be accessible soon and will have legendary product images - well, it will have as soon as I get the editing done and sign-off from my client :-)

Product photography can be the first line in A Tale of Two Cities; 'it was the best of times, it was the worst of times'. You would think that working with inanimate objects under controlled conditions would be a breeze. So, how did I end up swearing at a bag-shaped piece of fabric? "b*****d bag!!" was the order of the day and there may have been a drop-kick involved. PatienceMay textile bags are hard-wearing and retain their shape even after the roughest treatment. heeheehee"

Anyway, images captured, lunch eaten (including gorgeous pineapple and mint sorbet, could be a new product line.....), gear packed up and now at home watching the Superbowl; no image processing until I have slept on them..... I have been promising myself that I will watch the Superbowl for years and have finally got round to it. Looks like it is slow rugby league with helmets. OK, I can work with that :-)

What else this week?

A meeting with a couple who are getting married in Sri Lanka and then effectively having their reception in Manchester when they get back. Nice people and I like the location which are the private rooms at the Albert Square Chophouse.

Finishing off writing some courses and a website for a training buisness that is another part of my life.

Oh and in and out of Oldham Royal to see a sick person who is very important in my life.

Come on Denver - make a game of it !!

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