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The talk to Delineo went well on Thursday; around 20 of their people in their breakout area. I brought along my gear and props. Slideshow for projection, around 10 A2 images to illustrate the content of my talk - and a bunch of cameras :-); a voightlander from the 1950s, a couple of practikas from the 80s, an old film canon with around 20 shots left on a film that has been in there for at least 8 years and my current kit. At the start of the talk, I handed out all the cameras and told the audience to just get tactile with the cameras and if they were digital or had film in them, to take some shots of whatever they wanted.

The talk was 'We are All Photographers Now" and I took them through what I think are the steps you choose to go through when you move from 'taking photos' to 'being a photographer'. To me, it is when you choose to manage composition, light and The Story. Great questions at the end including how do I feel when someone misinterprets an image that I have taken. Well what do you think?

To me, there is no misinterpretation, just interpretation; what you see and how you react to it is you.

On Friday, I spent the afternoon at Conference8; a conference to bring the creative and professional services sectors together. It was an invitation from Michael Di Paolo who leads StudioNorth and I need to repeat my thanks to him. It centred around a series of discussions on hosted tables; branding, digital media, planning - very good.

Earlier in the day, I got to have a chat to Sean Sutton, a phenomenal photographer who works in landmine clearance and has photographed connected images around the world. He was making a cup of tea and we got to talking. So, being a tog, I end up asking about what kit he uses; canon or nikon. Turns out it is Leica. But then you realise what you are doing; you have just asked Will Shakespeare what nib he uses or David Hockney where he buys his oil paints. *face palm* Straight after it was lunch with Lord Williams of Baglan, the United Nations special co-ordinator for Lebanon. Just three of us. What an opportunity; wouldn't mind taking his portrait someday :-)

Ooooh, the John Rylands exhibition link went on to their website. Three weeks before we go live


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