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Getting ready

The last week has had a lot of photography in it but not a lot of photo taking. Putting on an exhibition is a bit more work than I expected but really interesting. All the images came back from the printers last Monday; one enormous box, marked fragile and sealed better than an Egyptian tomb. Take them all out, go over them looking for flaws. Is the light balance good? On enlarging the images, has much detail been lost? Are they all there? There are around 30 images at A2 size and they are looking good; 250gsm satin on 3mm foamex. WPAUK are the printers and they are excellent - emailing queries until they were happy that set up was correct. Each image has a word panel beneath it and WPAUK printed these two to an A4 print. So, it was then down to Grant Thornton to borrow a guillotine to cut them. Good sponsors go that extra mile :-) It's all looking good.

I was also in to see my curator to sort out workshops to go with the exhibition and to have a chat. The John Rylands Library have truly been excellent and are giving me a lot of freedom in putting things together. You might expect an arm of a university might be hidebound by red tape but these people are not in that zone. Come up with an idea and it

it is a straight 'yes' or a quick call followed by a quick 'yes'. That is where the exhibition is; The John Rylands Library and I will talk more about it nearer the time.

What else this week? Talking to Paver Smith who are organising local PR; discussing catering for the sponsors' evening. And agreeing to give a talk to a creative agency; Delineo - on the topic of 'We are All Photographers Now'. That's on Thursday and before that I am down to London and back - going to take an hour out to see the Taylor Wessing exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery. Having lunch with a Lord and trying to organise laying a minefield in Manchester - don't ask :-)

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